A Uranus Opposition is a potentially life-changing time of transition in your life. While it can feel stressful, embracing this time can result in you powerfully (re)connecting with your life purpose and higher potential.

Society calls this time a mid-life crisis. This term can feel a little confronting though, so let’s stick with the astrological name while we explore what it is, how it impacts you, and how to survive it.

Uranus Opposition in human design and astrology

When does the Uranus Opposition in Human Design happen?

The planet Uranus is a tremendously important part of the Human Design system.

As it moves through the sky, it eventually reaches a point where it’s directly opposite the position it was when you were born.

If you’re between 38 and 46, you may be enduring this astrological transit right now.

If you’re in your late 40s or early 50s, you could still be struggling to understand the mess that unfolded during your specific transition time (and that’s okay).

A Transit Calculator is used to determine when each person enters this experience.

What is a Uranus Opposition about?

What is the purpose of Uranus Opposition?

This Uranus transit triggers a major shift in your evolution.

It’s when the purpose energetics (revealed in your human design bodygraph) shift from your South Node to North Node. This is a HUGE deal!

South Node: This energy dominates the first 30-40 years of your life. It feels familiar and is possibly what you mastered in a past life.

North Node: You naturally shift into this energy during your Uranus transition. It’s an area that your soul has chosen to grow into this lifetime, therefore it’s moving you into new experiences.

Uranus communicates with your body-mind-spirit during this transit, saying,

NOW is the time to grow, evolve and step into a new and expansive version of YOU’.

Essentially, this shift is part of the contract you created before you stepped into this incarnation.

soul blueprint in human design

How do you feel during a Uranus Opposition?

If you’re living in alignment with your authenticity, this can be an exciting time.

But, if like most people, you’ve been ignoring what lights you up, not speaking your truth, or regularly saying Yes to things when you really want to say No, it can be stressful.

In both situations, you’ll probably feel more inclined to be:

  • independent
  • rebellious
  • unconventional
  • sharing your uniqueness in the world.

Uranus wants to create divine order out of chaos, even if the process involves shocks and discomfort. So, ready or not, this is the time to wake up and (re)connect with your authentic self.

If you’re disconnected from who you really area, this celestial alignment may cause you to question your life path, relationships, living situation and career. As a result, you could experience:

  • fear
  • insecurity
  • confusion
  • lowered self-worth
  • friction in your relationships
  • uncertainty about your life purpose
  • cyclic or reoccurring challenges
  • unexpected health issues or injuries
  • overwhelming desires to gain wisdom & knowledge about new topics.

Big emotions may consume you during this planetary opposition. It’s important to notice how you feel, as your feelings can indicate your path to clarity and happiness.

midlife crisis

How do you get through this time?

Here are a few ways you can decrease the Uranus Opposition effects of stress and struggle.

Self Care

Regardless of how this time looks for you, remember that you are always worthy of love and deserving of self care. This is the perfect time to:

  • have a massage, as it moves ‘stuck’ energy from your body
  • enjoy a bath surrounded by candlelight, as it soothes your nervous system
  • meditate outdoors, as the combo of meditation + nature is the ultimate natural medicine
  • drink plenty of water, as dehydration increases pain and decreases mental clarity.


You may want to suddenly quit your job, end your relationship, buy a new car or move to the other side of the world during your transit. But for your own good, please don’t.

Impulsive decisions aren’t always aligned with who you are or want you really want. Be patient and give yourself space to process the changes you’re considering. Prioritising your human design strategy and authority (if you know it) can simplify this process.

Have a Human Design Reading

If you feel totally overwhelmed by your Uranus Opposition, consider having a human design reading that is tailored specifically to this time in your life.

A HD Uranus Opposition reading is guided by your soul blueprint and higher self. It reveals who you came here to be this lifetime – the version of you that exists underneath the layers of people-pleasing and societal conditioning.

The gift from this type of reading is that helps you understand how to transform your mid-life challenges into glorious opportunities.

About the author:

Hi, I’m Clare Zivanovic – a qualified and experienced Naturopath and Human Design Analyst who’s been part of the health industry since 1999.

My specialty is helping you (re)connect with your authenticity and personal style of medicine. This helps you transform your challenges into opportunities for healing, growth and empowerment, by design.

All of my offerings combine varying degrees of my human design and natural medicine, sprinkled with intuitive messages that want to be delivered through me, to you. The result is a prescription that whispers healing messages from your higher self, directly to your body’s cells.

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