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You’re here because you’re fed up with relying on pills, potions and fad diets to maintain your health.

All the research tells you that pharmaceuticals can help you feel better. And that supplements can magically ‘fix’ your health problems.

But, you’re a smart cookie and realise this is mis-information (or at best, not the whole story).

You know that swallowing yet another pill won’t fix or prevent health issues in the future.

And that’s because none of these healing strategies considers your energy, your emotions, your alignment (or mis-alignment) with your true self.

What you need to know is



Human Design Bodygraph

Human Design Readings for Health

Your dis-ease, as well as your vibrant health, are reflections of the vibrational patterns in your energetic field.

Symptoms exist because you’re making too many choices that don’t feel correct for you. Your mind may tell you they’re in your best interests, but your body’s wisdom knows it’s not really what you want. This creates resistance in your energy field, which alters your biochemistry and creates symptoms that make you feel like crap.

Conversely, when you make choices that feel in alignment with your true self, your energy field is strong, robust and naturally allowing the wellbeing, which is ALWAYS accessible to you, to flow through your cells with ease. This is when you feel healthy, confident, creative and happy.

You may know this phenomenon as the body-mind connection. It’s not a woo-woo theory. It’s real, scientifically proven fact.

Soul Blueprint Video - Human Design Reading

This comprehensive 75-minute Human Design reading helps you align with your authenticity and purpose, and (re)connects with YOUR uniquemedicine.

It plugs you in to a higher energy, allowing you to drop the resistance that creates frustration, anger, and dis-ease in your energetic field, and thus your body’s cells.

Why is this helpful?

Your Human Design soul blueprint connects you with your authenticity and unqiue style of medicine.

After you watch your Human Design reading you can begin:

• living more authentically

• transforming fear into trust

• remembering that your body’s wisdom is always guiding you

• connecting with you unique medicine (for better health, faster healing and happier relationships)

• living your purpose every single day.

What will I receive?

A personalised 75-minute video that is all about YOU and your Human Design!

It will be guided by your soul blueprint, and also consider your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.

All readings can be tailored to your needs, and here are most popular options:

Perfect if you’re new to Human Design and eager to absorb the wisdom of your soul blueprint.

Your reading will clearly explain your:

  • Energy Type
  • Strategy
  • Authority
  • Signature Themes
  • Profile
  • Energy Centres
  • Channels

+ HOW they impact your health.

Your reading will focus deeply on YOUR mind-body connection.

First, your symptoms will be considered from a scientific perspective. Then, your health issue will be examined from an emotional and energetic angle, guided by your HD chart.

This delivers a holistic understanding of the emotional/energetic ‘blockage’ that may be contributing to your physical ailments. This gives you a solid foundation for doing the inner work that is required to treat your condition at the root cause. These types of readings generally focus on helping you connect with the complex wisdom in your:

Planetary energies.

These areas of your soul blueprint show us the details of who you authentically are in your relationships, career, communications, etc. We may also look at how your Digestion Type and Environment are affecting your health, if necessary. The needs of this type of session will be guided by you and always consider how misalignment in these areas could be impacting your health.

If you’re between 38 and 46 years of age, you’re going through a Uranus Opposition transit.

This astrological event happens to everyone who has the priveledge to live through this time of life, which society usually calls a Mid Life Crisis. This Uranus transit triggers a major shift in your evolution, as it’s when the purpose energetics (revealed in your human design bodygraph) shift from your South Node to North Node.

South Node: This energy dominating the first 30-40 years of your life. It feels familiar and is possibly what you mastered in a past life.

North Node: You naturally shift into this energy during your Uranus transition. It’s an area that your soul has chosen to grow into this lifetime, therefore it’s moving you into new experiences.

This can trigger a deluge of stress, uncertainty and health challenges that come out of nowhere.

Fortunately, my unique style of Human Design readings for those enduring a Uranus Opposition help you understand this confusing time and accelerate the healing of any ailments that may arise during this transition.

Your Investment - $220 (AUD)

  • 75 minute, pre-recorded Human Design reading tailored to your needs delivered to your inbox within 14 business days
  • My expert guidance as I comprehensively explain your bodygraph and share intutive messages that come through during the recording
  • A PDF of your Human Design bodygraph
  • Energetic health recommendations, e.g. crystals, flower essences, sound healing frequencies, etc.
  • Follow-up email connections from me to nurture you as your integrate this information.

“Wow! Clare this was absolutely amazing. Everything was spot on and I received so much clarification from you that I cannot express enough thanks. I now know how to tackle certain aspects of my life that I did not have an understanding of before. I highly recommend anyone who needs a bit of help or understanding in their life to go and see Clare and get your Human Design Soul Blueprint done today! You will not be disappointed and can keep referring back to it when needed. Thank you again Clare!

– Ashley


Is this a full Human Design reading?

Yes, it is!

Your Healthy Foundations HD Reading will last for approximately 75 minutes and be tailored to your needs.

Want to understand the basics of your HD blueprint? Excellent, I’d love to be your guide.

Need specific guidance as you navigate a health challenge? Great, let’s connect with the wisdom your body is trying to tell you.

Between 38 and 46 years of age and struggling with life and health? Let’s see how your Uranus Opposition (which happens to everyone) is impacting you.

Whatever you feel called to investigate, let me know and I’ll create a HD reading to match your request.

NB: If you’re looking for a mini HD reading, please take a look at my Health Check offerings.

Is this a live reading?

No. These sessions are pre-recorded and the comprehensive video is sent to you via email.

Here’s why the video is pre-recorded:

1. It ensures you receive a video filled with personalised insights and guidance that you can refer back to for a lifetime.

2. This format ensures you receive the most useful and enlightening insights from me. My human design clearly shows (and my experience confirms) that I receive the most powerful wisdom in divine timing and when I feel the call of energetic flow. Setting a schedule for insights to flow through me generally doesn’t deliver the same results. When I work with divine timing, my natural genius allows me to create clarity from chaos, and see, understand and explain seemingly abstract concepts in a way that speaks to your human body and soul. Essentially, I see how random pieces of information from your present and past fit neatly together to tell your health and healing story.

In saying this, if you’d prefer a live reading where we interact on Zoom, I’m happy to arrange this for you. Simply send me an email and we’ll set up a time for you:

How do I give you my birth details? What happens after I buy?

1. After you make your purchase, you will be redirected to a form where you share your birth details and health information. Please note an accurate birth date, time, and location is needed to complete your reading.

2. Your receipt will arrive in your email inbox. Please keep this for your records, as it also has a link to the form you need to complete (just incase the redirect gets caught in cyber space).

3. Within 14 business days (usually much earlier!),  your personalised reading will be delivered to your email box.

Can I get a refund?

No, all sales are final.

If you don’t resonate with the information in your Human Design reading, please allow time for it to soak into your cells and psyche.

While most people receive almost instant insights from their reading, some find it takes a few days to connect the dots between the insights and their life.

When will I receive my recording?

You will receive your Human Design Healthy Foundations reading within 14 business days, provided you complete the New Client Form (which you’ll be redirected to are your purcase) on the same day.

What if I don't know my birth time?

Having accurate birth data is key to creating an useful Human Design bodygraph that represents you.

If you have an approximate time of birth, I can work with this through a trial and error process. However, you must be aware that there may be a little room for error as the birth data is not confirmed.

If you don’t know your precise birth time or want more accuracy, I recommend you try and locate it using these methods:

  • Check your birth certificate
  • Ask a family member
  • Contact the hospital where you were born
  • Connect with a Vedic astrologer who specialises in birth time reconciliations.

What if I have other questions?

I’m here to help you evolve into the most aligned, healthy and happy version of you.

If you have questions that aren’t answered on this page, you’re welcome to connect with me via email:

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