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Healing Human Design Audio Reading

Understand the REAL cause of your physical symptoms

Why have a Human Design Health Check?

A Human Design Health Check is a 20-minute audio reading that combines anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and your soul blueprint to help reveal the root-cause of your health issue. And WHY you’re not healing… yet.

It’s ideal if you’re:

  • struggling to clear a symptom
  • dealing with a slow-healing injury
  • confused about why you aren’t healing
  • befuddled by cyclic symptoms or health events.

If you relate to any of these situations…

YOUR higher self is communicating with you through your body.


Heal your symptoms or injuries faster

Uncover WHY you have these symptoms

Learn from your symptoms

Feel better without more pills or potions

Your symptoms are messages

Your symptoms exist because you’re separating from your authenticity in some area of your life, and are disconnected from your highest potential.

You missed (or ignored) the subtle ‘warning’ signs your higher self sent your way in the form of intuitive nudges, gut feelings and sparks of insight.

Unfortunately, you didn’t act on these to create the change you need; therefore, RESISTANCE has built up in your body.

This creates stuck (or trapped) energy in your physical cells, which is why you have your symptoms.

If you understand what your higher self wants you to know, you can clear ‘stuckness’ and active your healing.


A Health Check reveals wisdom that helps


  • Understand your symptoms
  • Activate your healing
  • Improve your wellbeing
  • Remove ‘stuck’ energy from your cells
  • Evolve your energetic frequency
  • Shift karmic health patterns
  • + more!

Why trust me?

You’ve been on the doctor/specialist/practitioner merry-go-round with your health – right?

I get it. I’ve been there too, as I struggled to heal:

  • mystery symptoms in my 20s
  • complex foot and knee injuries in my 30s.

I’ve been housebound (and on crutches) while healing for wayyyyyy too long this lifetime.

I realise now that’s because doctors have never been able to understand my health issues. I’m always put in the ‘it’s in your head’ category.

What I’ve learned as a Naturopath who’s been in the health industry since 1999 is that when they tell you it’s ‘in your head’, it means that your symptoms have a strong emotional cause. And that you won’t feel better until you identify and clear that issue.

For me, patience, doing the inner work and becoming more of my authentic self has always been my healng medicine.

I relied on my naturopathic wisdom to heal for years. But, I learned from experience it isn’t always enough to get to the true root-cause… which is always emotional.

Enter Human Design.

Understanding my HD changed my life – and improved my health – almost immediately.

I’m in a unique position to read your human design soul blueprint, while also understanding what’s happening in your body from an anatomy, physiology and biochemical perspective. Together this helps me identify the healing messages your higher self, and soul, want you to know.

Tailor-Made Audio

Every moment of your bespoke, 20-minute audio reading is personalised. And every piece of Health Check wisdom you receive will relate directly to the health issue you’re trying to understand and heal.

Human Design Health Check
Human Design Soul Blueprint Reading

Your Investment - $111 (AUD)

A Human Design Health Check is an investment in your health, happiness and healing this lifetime. You’ll receive rich layers of wisdom in this reading that will likely require you to listen multiple times, in order to integrate all the depth and empowerment you’re hearing.

You will receive:

– A 20-minute Human Design Health Check

– A PDF of your Human Design bodygraph

– Knowledge that helps you understand WHY or HOW you may have unconsciously created your symptoms, and how to start clearing them

– Wisdom to help supercharge your healing process

– Insights that are relevant for your health and healing this entire lifetime.

Created by a Health & Wellness Expert

You gain access to my expert guidance with this bespoke audio reading. I have been in the health industry since 1999, helping thousands of people improve their wellbeing and happiness. By connecting you with your authenticity, you can empower yourself and manifest what is aligned with your highest potential.

Clare Zivanovic

“My Human Design Health Check reading gave me genuine insight into who I am. Everything felt very true. It’s made me consider how I’m oblivious to things I do or think, and how they’re negatively impacting me, others and my health.”



Is this a full Human Design reading?

No, it’s not.

This HD Health Check focuses on specialised and advanced elements in your Human Design chart to give you quick insights into acute issues. It packages everything you need to know into an easy-to-digest 15-minute audio. A complete Human Design reading takes wayyyyyy longer than this.

If you want to know the details of your Human Design, e.g. energy type, authority, profile, etc., my Healthy Foundations Human Design Readings are what you need.

How do I give you my birth details? What happens after I buy?

1. After you make your purchase, you will be redirected to a form where you can share your birth details and health information. Please note an accurate birth date, time, and location is needed to complete your Health Checkup.

2. Your receipt will arrive in your email inbox. Please keep this for your records, as it also has a link to the form you need to complete (just incase the redirect gets caught in cyber space).

3. Within 7 business days,  your personalised audio will be delivered to your email box.

Can I get a refund?

No, all sales are final.

If you don’t resonate with the information in your Health Checkup, please allow time for the information to soak into your cells and psyche.

While many people receive almost instant insights from their reading, others find it takes a few days to connect the dots between the insights and their life..

When will I receive my recording?

You will receive your audio recording within 7 business days from when your order was placed.

What parts of my design does this reading cover?

Your Health Checkup will place a big emphasis on your conscious and unconscious Saturn placements. This provides detailed context about the emotional processes:

a) contributing to your condition

b) removing you from your authenic energy

c) you need to focus on if you want to address the root-cause of your healing.

Then, your symptoms or site of injury will guide me towards which energy centre, gates and/or channels are colouring your experiences.

Health Checkup = Revealing spiritual and scientific wisdoms

What if I don't know my birth time?

If you don’t know your precise birth time, I recommend you don’t purchase a Health Checkup. Having accurate birth data is key to getting clear results that resonate with you.

Here are a few ways you can locate your birth time:

  • Check your birth certificate
  • Ask a family member
  • Contact the hospital where you were born
  • Connect with a Vedic astrologer who specialises in birth time reconciliations.

Can a Health Check help me if I don't already know Human Design?

If you know your Human Design before you request this reading, that’s great. It means you already have tools to support your healing, i.e. strategy and authority.

However, if you feel called to this offering but don’t know your Human Design, that’s okay. I’ve had many clients request a Health Checkup who don’t know anything about their design. I usually find this sparks their inquisitive mind and ‘wakes up’ a part of them that speaks to their soul. These people usually feel called to book my Foundational Human Design Reading down the track.

I do my best to explain everything in your Health Checkup using plain language that doesn’t require you have any prior learning or knowledge.

I'm a health practitioner - Can I order a Health Check for my clients?


As a practitioner myself, I love working with other professionals who are passionate about health and wellbeing. Working together can create a beautiful synergy as:

…I CAN provide insights into your client’s design, especially regarding energetic ‘sensitive spots’ in their body

…YOU CAN merge this information with the healing methods you use to supercharge your client’s results.

If you’re interested in working together, please email me so we can work out exactly what you need:

What if I have other questions?

I’m here to help you evolve into the most aligned, healthy and happy version of you.

If you have questions that aren’t answered on this page, you’re welcome to connect with me via email:

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