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Clare Zivanovic – Human Design Analyst and Naturopath

My Specialties

Human Design for Health

You are not here because you want someone to ‘fix’ you.

Instead, you understand the power of self-healing and are looking for a wise guide to support you as you evolve into MORE of your authentic self.

As a Human Design Analyst and Naturopath with 20 years experience, that is my speciality.

I provide you with empowering tools that show you how to align with your authentic self and connect you with your healing medicine, by design.

Understand the wisdom of your Human Design Soul Blueprint and you can evolve into a healthier, happier version of you – without taking more pills or potions.

Human Design for Health

Health Check

A bespoke, 20-minute audio reading that helps you understand the root-cause of your health issues. It merges anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, HD and Gene Keys principles.

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Human Design Readings

Human Design for Health

YOU are the medicine! All of my Human Design readings are infused with healing, medicinal and intuitive messages that help to reduce resistance or energy blocks from your body/mind/spirit.

Soul Blueprint Video

Soul Blueprint – Video

A 75-minute, 100% personalised video all about YOU and your Human Design Soul Blueprint. This empowering experience connects you deeply with your authentic self and medicine.

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Why use Human Design?

The truth is…

You can transform your life’s journey from totally confusing, into so effective and empowering that you hold the potential to become your own healer.

When you use Human Design, your soul blueprint gives you a personalised roadmap that for empowerment, self-love and healing. It helps you:

  • (re)connect with your true self
  • align with your highest potential
  • understand your mind-body connection
  • learn how your emotions, decisions and energetics are affecting your physical & mental health.

When you use your Human Design as a guide for life, YOU embody the medicine you need in every situation.

Love from my clients

Selin says...

I have purchased a mini reading with Clare. She went above and beyond my expectations, I am pretty sure it was more than a mini read! She first covered my Human Design basics then dove in my most impactful gate info in a way that connected dots with my chronic migraines. I am convinced she has a special talent beyond just reading the map! Since I have received her insights, I have been on a mission to follow more of my “strategy” and experienced few very interesting synchronicities!

Very much recommend working with her!

MJ says...

Clare is one special human. My Human Design reading was incredible! She helped me understand myself more on so many different levels and gave me the keys to unlock my true inner self along with provide clarity on who I am in this world & lifetime. A divine experience who I would recommend to anyone. Thank you Clare!

Ashley says...

WOW! Clare has such an amazingly beautiful and calming presence. I cannot get over how spot on my HD was. She was able to tell me and explain certain aspects of my being that I have never told anyone before. I cannot even explain how many times I wrote something down or how many ah huh moments I had.

I truly think anyone who needs a little help understanding things about themselves or things they may not have thought of should see Clare! I go back to my HD and rewatch whenever I can and each time, I pick up something new. Thank you, Clare, words cannot do your services justice! You must see what Clare does in order to truly feel what I mean.

Human Design Readings
Human Design for Health and Healing - Clare Zivanovic
Human Design for Health and Healing - Clare Zivanovic

Human Design Readings

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